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Screen Printing Reality Spoken Here!

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   Just email me with your number, to get a quote on tees. See the 'Dirt Cheap Tees' page for more details.                    
                 The retail line of tees going by 'Tee Antics' is now instead labeled" 'Terrible Wearables'    You can reach me regarding ANY of the above endeavors via: theteemachine@gmail.com.  I do not any longer maintain separate emails for each as I once did.    


Standing with my 'Special' w/Rear Foam Spring and Swing Out Off-contact Arms. The most compact; accurate and intelligent screen printing press on the market. So much so...that the frauds could not leave it alone! Substandard/bootleg units poisoned the purity and effectiveness I designed into this labor of  creativity and logic. 'Let the buyer beware'...as they say.

             My boy and I with a tee designed/printed for his 5th B'day 
My name is Lee Wyke : Pro Screen Printer/Trainer/ Equipment Mfg.

Having invented the ON-SCREEN MICRO-TUNER in 1990, I was already quite busy building equipment and teaching screen printers hands-on; locally.   In 2007, I took my already successful screen printing and equipment onto YouTube.

As 'Youtees' on YouTube...I introduced thousands of people to both sensible screen printing methods AND a level of cost effective and accurate screen printing equipment that was/is simply unavailable otherwise. Equipment small enough to fit on a countertop, yet use standard screen printing(pro level)screens etc; while providing unsurpassable accuracy. Before long, my design equipment was going world-wide. Even to the 'Island of Tonga'! And far from being 'just another guy' putting out SP equipment...I had over 60 YouTube videos detailing the steps of screen printing, to make sure my customers could understand  respect and correctly perform the process of screen printing.

equipment is a magic wand, Knowledge/correct training comes first. So I make the time to teach those who seriously want to learn screen printing right. All screen printers/abilities are NOT the same!

In about 2011 I began to pull my videos off of YouTube during an ongoing battle with those who were bootlegging(and mis-manufacturing)my equipment...then sending people to MY videos to learn how to use it!  These frauds and posers were not screen printers and were only looking to make a buck or spite me. That is how some people are. At that point I decided to go back to teaching hands-on and locally only. Because I no longer could in good faith post equipment or videos online, I stopped online sales of my inventions/design of screen printing equipment. I was so angry and disheartened by the frauds(who discredited me at the same time they stole my ideas)that I got out of screen printing(but for my own needs)for several years.

The frauds and posers are still around. They always have been and they always will be. If you cook a meal outside, no matter how vigilant you are, there will be flies waiting to land on it and spoil  it. Most of the water in the world today, is polluted. It is rare to find water to drink that has not required at least some purification/treatment. We are surrounded by sad truths. But we have to eat and drink!
 So, in 2015(having sold ALL my previous screen printing gear)...I rebuilt everything I needed to do what I love and know SO well: ALL THINGS SCREEN PRINTING.

I do not concentrate on equipment anymore(but can build it for students that warrant my doing so), but instead built a level of gear that suits my needs as a skilled pro screen printer. That equipment also shows students what is possible as I prove in my classes, Just how well pro quality and cost effective production can go together.  Again: working LOCALLY and HANDS-ON; one-on-one(mostly)with students who respect the art/trade enough to choose to learn in correctly. I respect THAT with great info that many never learn as they go/grow. Everything I build; print; offer in any sense is based on the real world of screen printing; the methods and ethics that serve/respect it; me and YOU, the best.  Whether working alone, or with a student...I am HARDWIRED to say; show and do what is right.

That is the only real way to respect my trade and fight the frauds/disinformation, both at once. Screen printing is a great endeavor IF and WHEN you know what you are doing. Too many do not, nor enough and THAT expense goes on and on until one DOES learn correctly. 'Trial and error" is unavoidable to some degree as you learn anything...IGNORANCE is almost totally avoidable, when you choose the training that replaces ignorance with knowledge and skills growing together. NOWHERE is that possible as in a pro taught class with student hands-on at EVERY step of the way. Too many picking up a squeegee to print a tee shirt, never learned what they should have learned before attempting to print.

Getting a print on a tee shirt is NOT the test of a true screen printer.  Just like a drunk can walk home...a screen printer can manage to stumble 'so far' and 'for awhile'. And then the 'headache' comes when you take on a job that 'appears to be' easy and that ONE or TWO(likely more than)things you did not know to do, or do right , causes you to ruin a job.  Your customer will not be happy that for THEIR trust, you messed up in your ignorance.  It is better for you to take my word for it when I urge you to get correct training...than to have your angry and lost customer seeking to be repaid for what you ruined. If you call yourself a screen printer...they(and all we real screen printers)expect you to be able to prove it. We care about our trade and the skills that take time and work. Even a home hobbyist with the right mindset can be a pro screen printer.  Please be THAT. Everything and anything that is printed deserves to be printed correctly. There are home printers that are excellent. There are some pro shop employed printers that are NOT. and all inbetween. Same can be said for the equipment being sold 'as' screen printing equipment.

It happens EVERY DAY...as there are so many screen printing equipment marketeers. They only have to work your emotions long enough to get you to believe you 'can be' and overnight or decent screen printer 'in little time' and/or practice...to get your money. They are not screen printers as a real printer would not do that. Among caring and capable screen printers, there are very few that can or take the time to teach it at the full and responsible(to the process)it should be taught. And/or...in order to follow what they teach you will be trapped into buying overpriced and uneeded equipment. THAT is a 'catch 22' that a student does not need. I never push equipment on anybody. I want to see you grow in printing skills. Later; IF you want me to build something for you, it will be fair and effective in cost and purpose. I am NOT a profit driven marketer. They have never done screen printing any favors and never will. I have suffered the costs of that/them and it is NOT what I want or bring to others.

I am the ONLY guy I know that has the experience I have AND(if you did want a press from me)won't soak you on equipment/supply costs. I want the printers I develop to have it as EASY and as cost effective as I want it for myself.  Screen printing will challenge you as a new printer especially. As soon as  you get over-confident(with that one dark color print on a light tee for ex) you will take on a job that will need that new technique or understanding that you have NOT yet learned. Suddenly what was fun 'just yesterday' is VERY aggravating and expensive 'today'.  There are those that practice and learn develop skills sensibly...and those that buy equipment; practice just a little and start advertising themselves 'as screen printers'. OF COURSE you are headed for disaster if you are the second type. That is also why I do not build equipment for/sell to students unless and until they demonstrate in class , the proficiency that only a right-minded student working hands-on will be able to demonstrate. 
It is WAY more fun and rewarding to learn things correct, right from the start. The screen printers who make it look easy practiced right things to make it easy, for them. THAT is when screen printing really begins to be fun.

thanks for your time,
Lee Wyke

thanks for your time,

Lee Wyke


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