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Screen Printing Reality Spoken Here!

                              (Site updated Aug 17th, 2014)

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      Standing with my 'Special' w/Rear Foam Spring and Swing Out Off-contact Arms

             My boy and I with a tee designed/printed for his 5th B'day     
 (in much happier days...BEFORE 'NoobTube' and the Fakers who only come to destroy SP for me and YOU.)

                   Regarding Screen Printing

In 2007, I came to YouTube; to share my invention of the Adjustable/On Screen Micro-Tuners, and the simple equipment I also designed to make it all usable and cost aeffective for others(Bilevel printing/flash-curing platen; Vertical screen printing frame rack; Dual duty Youth and Sleeve print platen; Rear tension screen Mount; Swing out off-contact arms).

Up until I came to YouTube, I had been working locally and gave over 900 in home demos to prove the validity of MY ideas and inventions. Not with a big head...but with the reasonable pride that comes from inventing new things that actually help others. And yet, none ot it matters without customers. So I treated everyone with the straight forward truth that both screen printing and those getting into it DESERVE. Over the years since then, about 4000 customers have appreciated and supported me. I have NEVER been shy in appreciateing that.

And then...it became necessary for me to be UNshy about taking on a more unfortunate side of screen printing and the market that has swelled up around it...many marketeers progressively leaving truth behind as it swelled. For years it was decent...and then I started getting emails from people letting me know that guys like Chris Lorelli(Cyclesurgeon, on YouTube) were stealing my ideas. As also did Jaimie Knight of knight_mfg.com.  Another guy(awesomeartistllc)on youtube also stole my ideas and even told me I should "stop" as he did so! As if it made any sense for me to abandon MY ideas and inventions(backed with REAL skills none of these guys have or even care to have)so he could bootleg them?  Not going to happen.

I asked/demanded that they all STOP doing what they were doing(for YOUR beneift as much as mine as none can well use the ideas they STOLE). I have said many times that if I did not know screen printing so well FIRST...even with inventions I never would have marketed them. The process is AS important as even good equipment and marketeers are NOT so fast for you to understand THAT.

I had over 60 support videos to help my customers and interest others in my equipment and methods. They were free on YouTube and it was great as long as most people had respect for my skills/ideas/inventions.  I never fooled myself that some were/would not attempt to make it for their own use. But when Jaimie Knight and then cyclesurgeon(Chris Lorelli)started competing with me with poor remakes of my equipment; for profit and/or just to spite me and cost me customers...I stood up to fight that. Any person with a brain and self respect would have done the same.

Most people did not care.  So I stopped caring. Not about SP or my equipment and real customers...but about the growing youtube cesspool of those who have more money than care for a process that takes REAL TIME to properly learn. Real screen printing is NOT YUDU...it is NOT the marketeers(such as the ones named)who learn JUST enough to get you to buy from them. Knight MFG even admitted on their site that they "have no support videos".  That is because idea thieves are also as lazy as they are unskilled/non-creative, and so they just referred people to MY videos!
So I took my videos down, when it bacame apparent that the non-appreciative were outweighing the appreciative supporters of the REAL info/ideas/gear. Me and MINE.

I did not start with Youtube. I've been printing(tees and WAY beyond tees)since 1979. I have worked in(printer and or supervising/managing...I have done it ALL). That is how I came to have an uncommon respect for the trade and the REAL people in it. I grew in SP based on day to day real challenges met and exceeded in the real world of screen printing. Nowadays...any faker who can parrot an idea with even a half-assed pretense of knowing, can find a happy home on YouTube and forums.

I AM ; come from and prefer to teach based on the HANDS ON side os screen printing. Nothing less serves the real process of screen printing. Youtube included. The serious can learn something or I never would have utilyzed the internet. But the pretenders have just about(or more?!)power to get in the way of those who are and what is real and best. As the fakers became ever prouder of thyemselves and their ignorance(money or even vindictiveness,is their greater concern), I found myself less and less interested in being in that mix. Not that I am or would ever stoop to it...but the noobs cruising the internet cannot often tell the difference(sad but true)no matter HOW honest I am about that DIFFERENCE betweeen what/who is real in SP,,,and those who/that which is NOT real or worth your time or money.  

So, I returned to doing local builds and training only. I could not ignore that youtube was NOT worth the 'hand holding' and self defense(defense of truth)that progressively became the case of being there. I have left some videos up...getting in the faces of these fakes and crooks. I see no reason to take them down. Might just make somebody think twice and avoid such fakers. It is not to make me more money...since I do not market my gear on youtube any more. The truth regarding the FAKES...is still a good thing for you to know. THEY are still trying to get your money and fool you with skills and ideas/inventions that are NOT theirs and they cannot even copy them right! 

THAT is what youtube is for you, by and large. now. did not used to be so....nearly as much. I chose to get back to a purer place and time in screen printing.

This site has been left up...with photos of just SOME of what is/are MY ideas and inventions. This site is an ongoing record and also takes me back to a passion to serve screen printing and people, that existed BEFORE the fakes showed up and found plenty of ignorance to support THEM(on YouTube forums etc). NONE of these guys ever has or ever could survive a day in a REAL screen printing shop. My 34 years plus; care. passion; inventions prove over and over again that my assesments re what once was and what now is, are valid. 

I know and love screen printing enough to support what is right about it and DUMP/FIGHT what is not.  I have paid my dues for and doing both for long enough. I did not get into SP so I could end up trying to get others to be smarter(to many are not and don't want to be!) about the fakes amd pretenders. There was always some of that(there were charlatans in the 80's that were making tons of money misleading would-be screen printers)...but not with the 'charltatan's best friend' I call Youtube. Of course there is a lot that is good about youtube...but it makes dong less than what is right, EASIER, and guys like cyclesurgeon(and more)are there to fool you as soon as you let them.

I preferer hands on with people because I cannot fool them(which I never cared to anyways)and they cannot fool me. When you are eye to eye with someone what is fake does not last(with ME it does not). But the youtube fakers play the numbers as the audience is too big for everybody to be as careful or respectful as they should be. SP deserves a respect it does NOT get, from these guys...on youtube. Even some guys(who have some VERY expensive and uneeded equipment to sell you)cannot even do various processes correctly. Only a few of you ever spot that.  A problem MY students naever had to worry about. 

I have other interests and have weaned myself away from screen printing, and into other skills I have. Should have done so sooner. I work with fewer people whatever I do and I make sure they CARE, or I do not work with them at all. You will not find me sharing space(youtube or otherwise)with the careless...they leave...or I leave.  Anything I care to do I care only to do right, paid or not paid.  That has got me both hired AND fired, so in the end the only confidence that can ever be had, is to know that I did and chose what was right.
I have made and lost money for that.  I made the most and best money(on my own inventions)I ever made several years after being "let go" by a local shop boss who "LOVED" me on Friday(" for all my excellent work")...and fired me on Monday!...NO reason given.

Had I let that fickleness get me down or distract me from the truth, I would have missed out on a LOT of personal success.  Everything depends on how you look at it...Presidents are elected for 4 years/ a term. And they can only serve two terms. I have been excellent in my trade, for more than EIGHT terms!  :D 


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