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Screen Printing Reality Spoken Here!

                              (Site updated Dec 17th, 2012)

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      Standing with my 'Special' w/Rear Foam Spring and Swing Out Off-contact Arms

             My boy and I with a tee designed/printed for his 5th B'day     
 (in much happier days...BEFORE 'NoobTube' and the Fakers who only come to destroy SP for me and YOU.)

It is Dec 17th 2012.  Just this morning I got some youtube whiner(richey rich) that watched my screen coating video(which shows how to coat better AND faster than any other video on youtube)and instead of one simple 'thank you' for the info there, he could only whine about some other things I said in it, that stressed his youtube generation low attention span.
 With respect to the better, I am SO sick of youtube whiners! Don't want to waste my time on them and or serve the irony of becoming one, as I fight them. 

 If you have been following me at all for the past years you know that at one time I had about 60 sp vids up. FOR FREE; at MY time and care to make and what I got back for that was a mix of honest people AND just enough thieves and whiners to make it not worth sorting it out/through. So...the videos came down(ALL SP related as of today).

Evenso...I had (I thought)decided again to 'bite the bullet' and make new vids for 2013, in order to help the honest. They ARE out there.  
But, the difference between local attention/respect and what too often is youtube is amazing! i realised ...I AM DONE WITH YOUTUBE!

 Local keeps me as busy as I need to be(and building offering more than I could on youtube)that I have to make the time/wise/better choice. I work locally only at this point. I'd rather spend my hours/energy paid locally than so many hours UNpaid...on youtube vids or email.

Anytime a change is made it is inconvenient for some...so I have those few(recent quotes to but yet to order) I do apologize to. But I cannot apologize for taking my SP involvment(taking it BACK) to where/those it serves better and matters more to, overall.
It is nice to be appreciated with out ANY need or tie to youtube/internet trolls/timewasters. PERIOD. Sounds rough to say...but it is true and I cannot ignore it. 

Dedicating ANY more time to youtube(re SP)is not going to get me back on the right and best track...where I was long before internet or youtube and STILL proves to be the best way for me to print/teach/sell. LOCAL. I have a great time locally. Some think I am mad all the time. Another example of how youtube(and it's liars/fakes/theives)can twist. NO...very far from the truth. I just made the mistake of 'youtube'(as it has become)and that is EASILY fixed.

I like my expression in the FIRST picture(with my kid..BEFORE youtube)than in the second picture(after youtube brought it's nonsense). I have better things to DO...I just forgot that for awhile. Who hasn't done that? I was bound to get unstuck at some point.

Thanks to locals for supporting me in that. After restarting my classes; after one or two of, I KNEW change was calling and it just took a bit longer to shift away from internet and fully back to what works best. THAT is what you do when you love what you do and cannot afford to weave around those who don't. GO where they cannot go! Easy answer! That is what I did. Can't ride the fence between what is worth it...to serve what is too often NOT. Sometimes the winner is the one who leaves!

I give up internet sales to create more and better screen printers LOCALLY...but "The cost is worth the gain...just as the gain is worth the cost".

Thanks to those I owe thanks to...'see ya!' to the inappreciative whiners! Technology makes smarter ROBOTS...it does NOT guarantee smarter PEOPLE! Youtube/forums/internet provides plenty of proof for that.

'Merry Apocalypse'...
                    'Happy Holidays'...'
                                        'Good Luck.'..

Lee / 'YouTees' (the youtube experiment...no thanks!) 
(inventor and developer of the Rack Press/On Screen Micro Tuner AND the brand new 'VRP'.  33  years experience in all phases of SP / 22 years building my equipment designs/over 3,400 customers/ helped countless others via youtube videos...LOCAL SALES AND SUPPORT ONLY NOW. )


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